The Taking Part? cluster will also develop a range of smaller scale research activities and placements between Third Sector, Public Sector and Higher Education. Such activities will be identified by each University in the cluster to reinforce the findings and activities of the cluster. Such activities will also reinforce an extensive programme of research dissemination planned by the Taking Part? Cluster and the Centre for Third Sector Research.

Each activity in the cluster will be independently managed by one of the 3 partner institutions (Lincoln, Goldsmiths and Manchester Metropolitan) while being part of the wider research network within the cluster. As such, each activity will be supported by, and will feed into, the other activities in the cluster to build a substantial body of knowledge supporting Third Sector Research.


Placement Organisation University Name of Placement
Praxis Goldsmiths Evaluating the impact of voluntary and community sector organisations on community cohesion – Juan Camilo Cock
Trades Union Congress Goldsmiths ‘Swords of Justice and Civic Pillars’: greater engagement between trade unions and community organisations – Chris Wright
Voluntary Action Islington Goldsmiths Measuring Impact in small Third Sector organisations with a particular focus on community cohesion and social solidarity’ – Hannah Jones
Community North West MMU Resilience in small Community and Voluntary organisations – Eve Davidson
Greater Manchester Council of Voluntary Organisations (GMCVO) MMU An evaluation of the Project Towpath Community Grants Initiative – Jamie Arrowsmith
Wragby Community Parish Lincoln Evaluating  volunteering inside (rural) civic parishes using Active Citizenship learning approach and articulating its impact  in community cohesion- Sarah Jelly case supported by Maaike Veenkamp,  Alice Carter, Magdalena Bednarczyk, and Katarzyna Bednarczyk – University of Lincoln
National Institute of Adult Continuing Education  NIACE Lincoln Identifying lessons and opportunities from National and International University-community partnership in community based research an learning. – Gabi Rechnagel,  Jane Watts and Ben Mills



Third Sector Organisation Title of Report University Name of Researcher
FC united of Manchester and MMU Impact  of new ground on the local community/ community engagement MMU Jamie Arrowsmith
Community Pride & MMU Identification of key practices to enable sustainability. MMU Jamie Arrowsmith
Louise Daccacodia Education Trust & MMU Exploration of failure of black young people to engage in supplementary education. MMU Erica Davis
Children’s Society, Rochdale & MMU Cultural identity and active citizenship: ‘Young Heritage Detectives – Who are You? An investigation into the importance of cultural identity for young refugees and asylum seekers to enable active citizenship’ MMU Circle Steel
National Coalition for Independent Action (NCIA) Here We Stand: Inquiry into Local Activism & Dissent MMU Penny Waterhouse and Matt Scott
BeeAttitudes/St Mary le Wigford Lincoln    &  Social Issues on the Fen Social Action in Faith-based organisations and its contribution to civil society Lincoln Ann Hindley
Lincolnshire Sport Partnership Evaluating Sports Volunteering contribution to active citizenship Lincoln Matt Roebuck
MISSH Group  Intergenerational Learning for Active Citizenship  Lincoln  Jane Watts
London Civic Forum Recent evolution of Active Citizenship Approaches in England Lincoln Kate Burls
Lincoln Neighbourhood Volunteering  and community cohesion Lincoln Jacqui Briggs and Louisa Parks
One World Trust Empowering citizens:  Realising service user involvement in UK Third Sector organisations through accountability principles in self-regulation initiatives Report Goldsmiths Jeannet Lingan
Bassac Hosting relationships in Third Sector organisations Goldsmiths Hannah Jones
Stream Arts Evaluating community arts and media contributions to active citizenship Goldsmiths Alison Rooke & Cristina Sanchez
London Bubble Theatre Evaluating community-based drama’s contributions to active citizenship Goldsmiths Alison Rooke & David Kendall
FreeRAdicals Identifying lessons from international experiences of involving young people Goldsmiths Dan Firth